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Our popular weighted insert that keeps your pillows from blowing away.


  • Equips your outdoor throw pillows to withstand winds up to 50mph while the same pillows without the PillowWeight attachment are dislodged at 25mph.

  • Merely undetectable. Once installed, it is extremely hard to notice a change in the look and feel. (besides the weight of course)

  • Fluffs and perks your pillow naturally. The centered placement and weight distribution pulls the pillowcase slack towards the rear of the pillow, keeping it presentational.

  • Detachable. Through a gauntlet of testing, we found a way to attach and detach the PillowWeight to the pillowcase without any damage to your pillowcase!

  • Water Resistant: Our nylon ripstop and micro-glass bead combo sheds water easily and will not be a liability in wet conditions.

Details: The PillowWeight is designed to keep your outdoor throw pillows clean and off the ground in windy environments. The PillowWeight is centered inside the rear of the pillowcase and can detach when you need to wash. The PillowWeight uses 1 pound of micro-glass beads evenly distributed into 16 sections, forming a 10-inch square. Attaching the PillowWeight is extremely easy and works with common throw pillow sizes from 12” x 12” to 22” x 22” and all rectangular pillows within that range.

This model is for pillowcases that use a zipper or buttons. Sign up for the updates if you want to be notified when our PillowWeight for unzippered throw pillows is out of trials. 

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What size pillows are compatible with PillowWeights?

Currently, we only make a 10" x 10" PillowWeight. We found this to be the ideal size for all pillows with measurements starting at 12" x 12" all the way to 20" x 20" and all irregular shapes in between. We are planning on adding larger options in the future.

Do PillowWeights only work with zippered pillows?

At the moment, yes. They only work with zippered pillowcases BUT... we are releasing our second product this spring that covers the other half of the spectrum!! Stay tuned.

Does PillowWeights work with trade accounts?

Yes we do! Send us an email at and we'll discuss.

Do you guys have wholesale / bulk pricing?

Yes we do! Check out the pricing tiers here!

How do I install the PillowWeight?

It's very easy! We have a video showing you the steps right here!