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PillowWeights (2 Pack)

PillowWeights (2 Pack)


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Our popular weighted insert that keeps your pillows from blowing away.

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The PillowWeight was designed and tested for pillows ranging from sizes 12" x 12" all the way to 22" x 22" and all irregular sizes in between.


  • Brave the Breeze with Confidence: Say goodbye to runaway pillows! Our innovative PillowWeights anchor your outdoor throw pillows firmly in place, even in winds roaring up to 50mph. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that what once took flight at a mere 25mph is now steadfast and secure.
  • Invisible Innovation: Once you've installed PillowWeights, their presence becomes a well-kept secret. Remarkably unobtrusive, they maintain the original charm and comfort of your pillows – only the reassuring heft gives away their presence. Experience the magic of hidden strength.
  • Pillow Perfection Personified: Elevate the elegance of your outdoor spaces. Our PillowWeights not only hold your pillows in place but also enhance their appearance. Thanks to strategic weight distribution, they coax the pillowcase fabric to taut perfection, presenting your pillows in their best light.
  • Attach or Detach with Ease: We've rigorously tested to ensure you can add or remove PillowWeights without a single worry. Our attachment method is both secure and gentle, preserving the pristine condition of your pillowcases. Adaptability and care come hand in hand.
  • Weather-Resistant Wonder: Designed for life outdoors, our PillowWeights fear no splash or spill. Crafted with water-resistant nylon ripstop and durable micro-glass beads, they're ready for any weather. Perfect for boat cushions, poolside lounging, and stylish patio gatherings, they're the all-weather ally for your outdoor comfort.
Revolutionize Your Outdoor Comfort with PillowWeights: Elevate your outdoor spaces with PillowWeights, the innovative attachment designed to secure and beautify your throw pillows. Crafted to withstand winds, it keeps pillows clean and grounded. Hidden within the pillowcase, it adds just a pound of evenly distributed micro-glass beads, creating a discreet, elegant look. It's versatile, fitting pillow sizes from 12” x 12” to 22” x 22”, and is perfect for zipped or buttoned pillowcases. Detachable for easy washing, PillowWeights are the epitome of outdoor elegance combined with practical functionality. Stay tuned for our upcoming version for pillowcases without zippers – your outdoor haven deserves this touch of perfection.

Our Loop Fastening Strips that adhere to your pillowcase use a special transfer tape created by Avery Dennison that can endure anything your washing machine or dryer can throw at it. Stunning performance! A large part of our production budget goes into this advanced adhesive but it's the secret sauce that our clients seem to find very effective!

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NOTE: PillowWeights were designed for pillows that use pillowcases. Sign up for the updates if you want to be notified when our product for pillows without cases is ready for purchase!

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