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Finally, a solution to keep your pillows from blowing away in the wind

 Heavier Pillows

 Heavier Pillows

Withstanding continuous winds of 45mph and gusts up to 50mph! The same pillow without the our PillowWeight dislodges at 25mph. No brainer for windy areas! Even if our pillow tipped over from an extremely high gust, it remained on the furniture and off the ground as its no longer kiting. Videos coming soon. 

Less Washing

Genius Bonding

Finally someone developed a tape that made this possible! Avery Dennison came out with a special transfer tape that allow porous fabrics to bond without bleeding through like iron-on adhesion yet has the ability to withstand detergent and high heat. Yes, that means you can machine wash if you want! 

Stronger Presentation

Stronger Presentation

The PillowWeight's design in concert with it's placement on the very center of the pillowcase gives the pillow a strong, tight and perky look. Not only does it stand up to the wind, its constantly "fluffing" the pillow as it pulls the slack from the front of the pillow towards the PillowWeight in the back.   

Micro-Glass Beads

Micro-Glass Beads

The PillowWeight consists of 16 equal sections of micro glass beads totaling 1lb of added weight. Micro glass beads are hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and fun to handle. Our glass beads stay cool to touch and can be washed!


Ripstop Fabric

We use a nylon ripstop fabric with a soft finish. It's water-resistant and specifically designed for sun resistance.

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What's your story?


Fed up with the wind and constantly playing hide and go seek (and go wash) with their outdoor throw pillows, two friends decided they wanted to find a solution for one of the most frustrating irritations of patio furniture. The internet is full of outrage but no great solutions. Why hasn't this been done before? Boy did they find out, ooof. Luckily, Covid-19 happened to present the two with just enough extra time to fail incessantly for months: too lumpy, falls apart in wash, bleeds through material, not soft enough, not strong enough, and the list went on. Had there not been a pandemic, they would've filled the pillows up with sand and moved on to Tiger King or Queen's Gambit like adults, but alas, they would not be deterred. By just plain blind luck, the right obscure adhesives had just been developed and it just so happened to work perfectly with their designs. It really ended up being the missing glue. May we present to you, our creatively named, "PillowWeight!" 

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