Installation Instructions

Get ready to secure your outdoor comfort with these easy steps to install PillowWeights:

  1. Unpack: Open your package to find 2 PillowWeights and an instructional pamphlet. Check for 2 sheets of fastening strips in the pamphlet, each with 4 strips.

  2. Attach Strips to Weights:

    • Find the side of each weight with a 9” x 9” velcro outline.
    • Peel a strip and attach it to the velcro side, making sure the SOFT SIDE (LOOP FASTENER) is down, and the sticky side faces up. Cover the entire square by placing strips along each side.
  3. Prepare Pillowcases:

    • Remove your pillowcases and turn them inside out.
    • Find the center of the back side of each pillowcase for weight placement.
  4. Install PillowWeights:

    • Press the weight firmly onto the marked spot inside the pillowcase, ensuring the adhesive side makes good contact.
    • Turn the pillowcase right side out and put your pillow back in.

To Remove: Simply peel the weight off the pillowcase when you need to wash it. The fastening strips are durable enough for machine wash and dryer.

And that's it! Enjoy your windproof outdoor pillows with PillowWeights, designed for ease and durability. 

For care instructions, click here

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