Blocking the Wind: Exploring 10 Options

How to Shield Your Backyard Oasis from the Whims of the Wind

Ah, the great outdoors! Your backyard is your sanctuary, your escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. But there's one uninvited guest that always seems to crash the party: the wind. Fear not, dear reader, for I come bearing the secrets to taming this tempestuous intruder. Let's explore ten whimsically effective ways to block the wind, ensuring your backyard remains the serene haven it was meant to be.

1. Entertain with Trees and Shrubs

Imagine a battalion of evergreen soldiers, standing guard against the gusts. Planting windbreak trees and dense shrubs not only protects your backyard but also invites chirping guests and adds a lush, green vibe. Choose tall hedges for an all-natural fortress. 

Starting from $100 to $1,000+. Mature trees are more expensive but provide immediate results, whereas younger plants are budget-friendly but require patience.

2. Fence It Out

A solid fence is like the Great Wall against the wind's Mongol hordes. Wood or vinyl, pick your material and build a bulwark. Just make sure it's anchored well enough to not take flight at the first sign of a storm.

Wooden Fence to Block WInd

Roughly $1,500 to $4,000 for a standard backyard. Costs vary by material, height, and length of the fence needed.

3. Climb the Walls with Trellises

Trellises adorned with climbing plants are the spies in your anti-wind espionage. They sneakily block the wind while looking absolutely stunning. Ivy or clematis, let these green agents climb their way to your heart.

Trellises can cost between $20 to $300 each, with climbing plants starting around $10 to $50 per plant.

4. Screen Your Calls (and Winds)

Privacy screens (like this) are the Swiss Army knife in your wind-blocking toolkit. Wood, metal, fabric—choose your weapon. They're mobile, stylish, and ready to stand against the gustiest of foes.

Freestanding privacy screens can range from $50 to $300+, depending on materials and size.

5. Wall It Up

Retaining walls: Not just for holding back the earth, but also for repelling wind's advances. They're like the unsung heroes, sturdy and dependable, keeping your garden safe and sound.

Costs start around $20 per square foot, making a small retaining wall around $1,000, but larger projects can exceed $10,000.

6. Glass Guardians

Glass wind screens are the transparent shields of your realm. They block the wind while preserving your view, ensuring you can still gaze upon your kingdom without the chilly intrusion.

Glass Wind Screen

A significant investment, glass windbreaks can range from $300 to $1,000+ per linear foot, depending on the glass's quality and framing materials.

7. Curtain Call

Outdoor curtains: The drama queens of wind protection. Draw them for a grand performance against the wind, then pull them back to let the sunshine in. They're the perfect mix of functional and fabulous.

Curtains for WInd

Quality outdoor curtains can range from $20 to $100+ per panel, depending on fabric and size.

8. Bamboo Bamboozle

Bamboo screens are your eco-friendly ninjas, quickly growing to form a dense, natural barrier. Plant them, or use bamboo panels for an instant fix. They're swift, sustainable, and oh-so stylish.

For pre-made panels, expect to pay between $50 to $150 each. Planting bamboo is cheaper initially, around $30 to $50 per plant, but remember, it spreads!

9. Living Walls: The Vertical Challenge

Challenge the wind to a vertical duel with living walls. These green beauties are not just barriers; they're conversation starters, air purifiers, and the envy of every neighbor.

Living Walls

The cost can start at $100 for DIY projects to $1,000+ for professionally installed panels, not including plants.

10. PillowWeights: The Wind Whisperers

Last but certainly not least, let's talk about the unsung heroes of patio furniture stability—PillowWeights. These clever contraptions keep your outdoor pillows from making unscheduled departures during gusty gatecrashers. Sleek, invisible, and marvelously effective, PillowWeights ensure your outdoor aesthetics remain unflustered by the fussiest of breezes.

PillowWeights on a Deck

A set of PillowWeights can range from $30 - $180, offering an immediate, cost-effective solution to keep your outdoor pillows in place.


There you have it, folks—the top ten ways to keep your backyard bash from becoming a wind-tossed fiasco. From the natural elegance of trees to the innovative genius of PillowWeights, there's a solution for every style and budget. So go ahead, fortify your outdoor sanctuary, and may your days be sunny and your nights windless.

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