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How does this bond to my pillow without damaging?

What in the world is FT1126?

Our goal was to adhere this weight onto a person's personal (and sometimes sentimental) property without detection or damage... easier than it sounds. We were buying different fabric tapes, fusion tapes, Velcro with sticky backing, iron on fasteners, every kind of fastener with no luck. Some would work well until high heat. Some wouldn't make it out of the wash. Others would harden and be uncomfortable to touch or had problem with canvas pillowcase covers. We got on the phone with the biggest companies we could find (INCLUDING 3M!!) to have conversations and to ask them if they have anything that could survive everything we wanted to put it through. When we spoke with Avery Dennison they said, "sure, what's your address, we'll send you a bunch to try." The rest was history. This stuff passed every test we through at it. Literally a third of our cost is spent on the transfer tape that makes this work... but we wanted to be able to stand behind the product, not an impulse buy gimmick that halfway works. We feel we found that!

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2021-07-15 (3).png
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