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Water Resistant, Heat Resistant, Detergent and Machine Wash and Dry

Fight the Elements with Water Resistant PillowWeights

If you live in an area that sees its fair share of weather, you understand just how much damage rainwater can inflict on your outdoor furniture and decorations. Rain can be acidic, slowly destroying your fabric and wood materials. Further, rainwater can become trapped in your soft materials causing mold and mildew to grow unchecked. That is why when you are purchasing items to use for your deck or patio you must find water resistant materials. These materials are specially designed to repel water eliminating mildew and mold. The weights made by PillowWeights were designed to be a solid long lasting solution for nicer pillows that otherwise wouldn't be used outdoors because of the elements. That means that the materials will repel water, keeping your weights and pillows looking, and smelling great. With water resistant pillow weights you can fight the ongoing weather battle, and come out victorious. 

Adding weighted pillows to your deck or patio has several benefits. First, weighted pillows are a great way to help maintain the beauty of your patio for many years to come. Adding weighted pillows to any of your existing outdoor pillows will help to give your old pillows new life. The weighted pillow insert will help to make your pillows sit properly, standing proud with sharp corners. Secondly, weighted pillows will help to keep your pillows firmly in place, even with the biggest gusts of wind. Our weighted pillows have been tested through winds that exceed 45 mph continuously and even higher gusts. Lastly, weighted pillows are a great way to save money. With their durable construction and high-quality materials, these pillows will last for years, saving money in the long run.

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