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Keep Your Patio Furniture Looking Great with Pillow Weights

Your outdoor space, whether it is your deck, patio, or yard, is a sanctuary. It is an extension of your home and a place where you can go relax. Your patio or deck area is a place where you can relax outdoors, sharing the space with friends or a great book. To make your outdoor space more enjoyable, many people choose to add plush furniture and pillows. The problem is, in heavy winds or storms, pillows tend to blow away or tumble onto the ground. That is why we have created pillow weights. With pillow weights, it is possible to keep your pillows in place throughout the season, no matter how bad the weather.

Our outdoor pillow weights are easy to use and are installed in just seconds. Use the pillow weight with any existing outdoor pillow that has a zippered pillowcase. Simply insert the outdoor pillow weights inside a traditional patio pillow cover. The durable nylon and Velcro border help to affix the pillow weight in place. Filled with small beads that help to weigh the pillow down, the pillow weight ensures that your patio pillow will stay in place. Able to withstand winds over 45 mph, the outdoor pillow weights are a great way to keep your patio pillows in place, while having them look great. Turn to the team at PillowWeight to help you find a convenient solution to your everyday outdoor problems. The current design works for the most common throw pillow sizes including, 12 x 12, 12 x 20, 18 x 18, 20x 20 and 24 x 24. Bigger pillow weights are on the way!

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