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Machine Washable Pillow Weights

Machine Washable Pillow Weights are Easy to Care For

Let's face it; the outdoors are dirty. Between the dirt, pollen, and acid rain the outdoors are a pretty messy place. The mess from the deck and patio can extend to your plush furniture, especially if your pillows continually fall on the floor. With the PillowWeights made from PillowWeight, this problem becomes an issue from the past. Pillow weights help to keep your pillows in place, which keeps them looking nicer for longer. Plus, with machine washable pillow weights, it is possible to launder the pillow weights with your pillowcase covers as necessary. Safe, washable, and easy to dry, our machine washable fasteners are easily laundered and put back into action to keep your patio and outdoor space looking great.

Our weighted pillow lining is a perfect way to keep your patio looking its very best. Over time, pillows can start to slump over as their stuffing and padding lose their rigidity. This can make the deck or patio look unkempt, messy, and untidy. Luckily, by installing a weighted pillow lining, it is possible to breathe life back into your outdoor furniture. Installing a weighted pillow lining in your patio pillows not only helps to keep your pillows in place, but it can help give your pillows their shape again. Have pillows that stand up, with sharp corners, that look great. Your pillows will look brand new and help you to continue to keep your pillows looking great year after year, even with sun and weather exposure. The weighted pillow lining can be installed in just about any pillow with a zippered case and can help make your patio look welcoming and inviting for both you and your guests.

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